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What shortcode is used for this demo?

{{block type="folio/folio" template="folio/list.phtml" foliotheme="blogpost" categories="4,5" viewposttxt="View Post" showtime="1" vgap="40" hgap="30" cols-xl="3" cols-l="3" itemsperpage="6"}}

Endless possibilities!

  • Choose from many layouts (slider, grid, FAQ, tab, portfolio, etc.)
  • Mobile! Fully responsive & draggable sliders
  • Completely customizable with settings per overview
  • Create accordion FAQ's (filterable by category)
  • Create bannersliders, clientsliders, logosliders, etc.
  • Fancy photo galleries with lightbox and/or deeplink
  • Blog overview with detail page
  • Social media integration on detail page
  • Fancy portfolio galleries
  • Much, much more possible


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